While many advisors will purchase software to address a high-end client’s needs, in reality many clients do not need the degree of “fire power” provided by some of the comprehensive planning software packages.  As a result, many are seeking a simpler and less expensive tool to meet the needs of the middle market - those clients who want to know what time it is, not how the watch was made. Perhaps some clients desire to address a few planning issues, rather than taking a comprehensive approach. Planning Templates is designed to move those clients toward financial improvement without creating the financial paralysis that too much information can produce. The Planning Templates Excel-based tool makes logical sense, flows smoothly, and clients understand it. It is designed to edify the client – not just the advisor.  Planning Templates is not intended to replace a high-end software package when that is truly needed; however, Planning Templates is designed for use with the majority of planning clients.

In 25 years as a financial planner I have tried 8 different FP software programs, most of which produce far too much information or way to little. If you’re at all like me, you want simplicity, accuracy, and you want it now! The Planning Templates allow me to produce a very broad array of reports, but just the reports I want, in any order I want them. I won’t be looking for software again!
— D.P. Registered Principal, CFP®, Montana