Portfolio Income and Distribution Tool, "Retirement Bucket Strategy"

Tool Images PDF

Explanation Note PDF

Video - Brief Overview (5min 40 sec)

Video - Detailed Product Walk-Through (20 min)

Bucket Strategy Through an Investors Life

The biggest challenge in executing a "Retirement Bucket Strategy" is keeping it organized and calculating the amount of resources that should be in each bucket through time. This tool can make implementing the Bucket Strategy more practical… The video - Brief Overview is a 5 min 40 sec explanation of how the tool is set up and functions. The Detailed video Walk-Through is a 20 minute more in depth review of the tool. The Explanation Note file is a written overview with some helpful information and explanation on the concept. As you review the Explanation Note PDF, it would be helpful to print out the Tool PDF Images and refer to it as you review the note file. 

This is an asset allocation tool based on the "Bucket Strategy" This is a stand-alone single concept tool.  Cost - $150.  Purchase