Advisor Version 2016 - Images | Notes

An Excel Workbook File planning tool containing the following modules:  Cover Sheet, Contents Page, Financial Foundations Outline, Net worth, Budget Worksheet, Budget Alternative Worksheet, Life Insurance Calculator (2), Education Planner (2), Accumulation Goal (2), Savings Calculator, Retirement Planners (5 from different perspectives), Loan Calculator,  Mortgage Calculator, Prepaid Mortgage - Extra Payment into the loan vs. a Side Investment, Mortgage Comparison - 15 Year Loan vs. 30 year loan with side savings, Mortgage Refinance Worksheet, Time Value of Money Illustration, Rate of Return Calculator, Account Internal Rate of Return, Taxable Equivalent Yield calculator, Mutual Fund Growth and Expense Comparison, IRA Spend-Down Plan, Taxable Vs. Tax Free comparison, Cash for Car Illustration, Allocation Tools (2), Equalizing FV, Basic Estate Tax Calculator, Structured Settlement Tool. Cost $199.  Purchase