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The Retirement #5 module is one of the many tools contained in the Advisor Version.  This tool is a favorite retirement snapshot worksheet.  It has a good balance of adequately covering the topic while maintaining a measure of simplicity - that people understand.  Please review the image above. (The red variables on the image above represent data entry points).      Advisor Version Purchase

Regarding the Retirement #5 Module: We use it as a high altitude “what if” page to see the impact that a selected budget, Social Security strategy, pension buy-out vs. pension income stream, various inflation considerations, part-time retirement income etc. and the impact all scenarios have on the longevity of the nest egg at a modest assumed rate of return. Once this is determined, we now have a withdrawal schedule of retirement assets to follow and to plan for. Very simple - very powerful.

In the end, simpler is always better. Advisors are great at producing long glossy fancy reports. What we want to do is produce understanding. Big difference. Works great for the $300K client and the $3M client alike. No matter the net worth – the Retirement # 5 module makes clients feel like they “get it” and subsequently are making informed, contextual decisions with their money.
— Christopher Tanke, Grand Haven, MI