Each module or spreadsheet is set up so that data may be entered only in appropriate cells. All other cells are locked. We have not offered the Planning Templates files in an unlocked fashion.  We have taken this position in an effort to protect our work as well as to maintain a level of control over the results achieved by a product with the Planning Templates, Inc. name on it.  To move between the data entry cells simply click on the desired cell or use the tab key to cause the curser to advance to another data entry cell. Most data entry cell characters appear in dark red unless otherwise noted in the spreadsheet file. The characters for most calculated numbers will be blue or black.

Anyone who considers themselves a “financial planner,” should consider purchasing Planning Templates. How could this product benefit such a wide spectrum of an industry?
If you have been “planning” for a while, you probably have one of the high-end integrated planning packages. I don’t know about anyone else, but I hate booting-up a big program just to provide an answer to a generally small question to which a client wants an answer over the phone. Since the Planning Templates are a set of non-integrated Excel spreadsheets they are quickly booted, data is easily entered, and an answer appears in seconds. Since the reports are high quality, I have no qualms about sending them to clients.
How about if you are new to “planning” and don’t want to spend a lot of money? Planning Templates is the perfect answer. Plus, you get to see “how it works” when making financial decisions.
I have used Planning Templates for several years and would recommend them to all my peers.
— Daniel O'Leary CFP®, O'Leary Financial Planning, Inc., Washington State